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Benjamin Stewart (AKA
Instructor / Faculty CNET / PDIT at College of New Caledonia
Owner of HOI Systems - 29 years
Prince George, BC
I have been into computers since I moved from Penny, BC to attend high school and ran into a Commodore Pet 1983, then aApple 2e, TI99, IBM 8080 eg. I was very lucky and was offered an apprenticeship as a programmer by a very smart fellow (Steve Bartley) whom I was a nanny for while going to High School in the 80's. This launched my career into the fantastic ever-changing world of computers. SD#57 was a fantastic place for many years where I earned the title that still sticks today My UNBC adventure, being part of a fantastic team, I had planned on working there until they make me retire. UNBC is really a great place to learn and an upbeat environment. Also nice to say was part of a very green university in Canada.
Started on undergraduate political science/history BA Jan 2014
Update: 9 credits completed.

But... I was given an opportunity to teach a night class at CNC as part of the CNEt/PDIT program (server 98-365). I liked to so much I ended up applying for a full time position shortly after where I have now been instructing for almost 2 years full time and found that I love my new trade where I can share my almost 30 years of industry talents. Completed various CompTIA certs, Cisco & MS since starting.
I currently have instructed more than 7 different courses.
Started 2015 - Provincial Instructor Program via VCC
Update: 6 credits completed.

I'm in the progress of building a fantastic historical website for all the area and will have some great built-in true archive attributes from skills I have learned.

Current President for the Penny Historical Community Association.
Alternate to Kevin Dunphy Direct F (RDFFG) (3 term)
I also built a few nice websites and host them for some good folks.
Other than that I have my Federal Supervisor Certified Display Fireworks Certificate up to 6"

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